Community Row 2018

Pagan Pride is more than just rituals, workshops, food and shopping.  It is also about telling people who we are and what we believe.

Raven Moon Hearth - Our mission is to build a pro-active Heathen community in the Greater Nashville Area. We seek to understand the ancient beliefs of Pre-Christian Northern Europe better and apply them in our daily lives and worldview. We seek to expand our knowledge and skills in crafting, outdoors skills, and basic survival skills. We seek to prove our worth in everything we do. Hail The Doers! Find us on Facebook.

Order of the Rising Moon - The Order of the Rising Moon was developed in February of 2017 in Bowling Green, KY. The Order seeks to educate people in the different paths that we all practice. We teach the basic how to classes and have lessons from different paths. Our intent is to give the members the tools they need to develop and walk their own path. 

As an eclectic Order, we support the ability to choose one's own path. Currently we have at least four different religious paths represented and are open to more.

S.T. Phact (Nashville TN); Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem - An organization of High Ritual/Ceremonial Christian Magickians and Mystics, Christian Wiccans/Witches; & Christo Pagans, Etc. Founded Nov. 1980, Incorporated in KY Mar. 1993. Membership in the USA and other countries. Our local chapter for Nashville, TN (Stellar Temple Phact) is in the process of forming. Visit our website.

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