Community Row 2019

Pagan Pride is more than just rituals, workshops, food and shopping.  It is also about telling people who we are and what we believe.

Raven Moon Hearth - Our mission is to build a pro-active Heathen community in the Greater Nashville Area. We seek to understand the ancient beliefs of Pre-Christian Northern Europe better and apply them in our daily lives and worldview. We seek to expand our knowledge and skills in crafting, outdoors skills, and basic survival skills. We seek to prove our worth in everything we do. Hail The Doers! Find us on Facebook.

Trash Panda - Trash Panda is a Pagan/natural craft & community service group committed to outreach & restoration. We aim to educate & improve the Earth with fun! This year we will also host Children’s Activities. Find us on Facebook.

Nashville Pagan Collective -The Nashville Pagan Collective is a group for any and all pagan people to gather, support each other, and celebrate together that live in Nashville or the Nashville, Tennessee area.

We are not a coven, clan, or any kind of working group. Our Facebook group is intended for those that follow any pagan path and to have a place to go just to socialize with other pagans. A place where we get to feel at home and can be ourselves without the fears we may normally face in our day to day lives. We are fully accepting to a multitude of paths . We welcome diversity and the knowledge everyone has to offer. Find us on Facebook.

Seekers Sanctuary A coven for those of like faith where both nature and Pagan Gods may be honored.We are a fairly new group, formed about a year ago. Actively seeking new members. We are in the process of filing for non-profit status. We are dedicated to the growth and celebration of all Pagan lifestyles and being a resource in the community.

SpiralScouts Warioto Wildcats #360  - SpiralScouts was created in 1999 as the Aquarian Tabernacle Church’s answer to mainstream scouting programs, such as those offered by the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire groups. Our program was developed to be as inclusive as possible in all areas: it features coed groups and leaders and is nondiscriminatory in all regards (sexual orientation, religion, gender). The flexibility of the SpiralScouts program is a novel feature, allowing individual groups to determine the exact manner in which they will pursue their own unique goals. In addition to traditional woodland lore, camping, and outdoor living skills, the program includes teaching the many mythologies of the ancient world. It also includes learning and discussing life strategies and skills for teens, to help them learn early how to have good relationships with their peers and adults, and interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout their adult lives. You can find out more about SpiralScouts at our website.

Semper tenebra et lux par Semper tenebra et lux par is an eclectic pagan group who embraces hands-on teaching and learning to further our individual spiritual paths. We provide rituals and learning for our community. This is an experience for those who wish to attend/get to know more about our group. You can attend our rituals and not have to belong to a group. This unique culture fits with some pagans. Find us on Facebook. 

Chalice Fire CUUPs of FUUN - Established in 2003, FUUN’s (First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville) chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) owes a great debt to the original Women’s Group’s founding mothers whose groundwork and dedication kept earth-based spirituality alive at FUUN for over 50 years. The CUUPS chapter, which began as Sanctuary of Light in 2003, transitioned into Chalice Fire in 2016. The name Sanctuary of Light lives on in our pagan prison ministry. Check out our website.

Chalice Fire’s Rainbow Tent - Since Anita Diamant's The Red Tent in 1997, women across the globe participate in Red Tent gatherings, meeting and workshops. They focus on hearing one another without judgement or being silenced.What about those of us who are not cis-gendered women? “Pagan or non-pagan, non-bianaries, transgenders or pangenders? Where are those safe gathering places?

The Rainbow Tent steps beyond cis-gender privilege, and offers a place to come together without competition or judgement, to share food, tell our stories and truly hear one another. Step away from the pressures of busy lives. Color or draw a mandala; write for a while; silt in the silence. Enter the Rainbow Tent, with a bit of food or drink to share. Start lists of other Rainbow Tents (or who is starting one). Share stories and to take the time to listen to one another without judgement.

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