Rowena of the Glen

rowena bio

Born into the magical world of stage lights, sceneries, orchestras and Chorus lines, Rowena spent her childhood on the road with her theatrical parents.

Always looking to the stars to find her way home, she heard in them the music: and ever since then music and writing has been her life.

Besides music and poetry, the secrets of the past enthralled her and expanded her knowledge as an amateur Egyptologist and self-taught cultural anthropologist, which remains constant in her life. 

A highly spiritual person. Rowena’s search for truths and the divine began at the early age of 6. As she grew, so did her interest in many of the world’s religions—both modern and ancient, and continues to exhibit itself in her witchy naturalism.

Yet, through all of her life, the Voices of the Stars spoke to her and inspired the exquisitely written first novel of the series "Voices of the Stars". She is currently engrossed in the creation of the second book in the series.

Rowena is the IPMA (International Pagan Music Awards) Award Winner, Best Female Artist 2017

For more information about Rowena, go to her website: http://rowenaoftheglen.com

Window to My Soul  

Residing in Louisville, Kentucky, emotional singer Kali (known as Window to My Soul onstage) focuses her style on that of openness. In her music she speaks of having lost loved ones, overcoming depression, and how hopeful she is of the world becoming more compassionate. She looks to life experience for most of her inspiration, but also in music from artists like Ariana Grande, Paramore, and Emilie Autumn. Some of her most recent performances were alongside artists such as Drake Bell, Mothica, Joe Kirk, and Tryon. 

For more information about Kali, go to her website:  http://wtmsofficial.com

B Willie Dryden

B.Willie Dryden : From Gothic Rock to Minstrel Folk, he shares a musical legacy with some of Nashville’s best studio musicians: rhythm and lead guitar, harmonica, piano, and keyboards. He is the former lead singer of the theatrical rock band “The Harlequins.: With musical partner Rowena, he led the “the Beat Poets,” a Goth Brit Band of the early 90s to the edge. Now solo since 1995, he plays a “Folk with Fire” back to his roots with Dark Spiritual based poetry and 60’s infuenced Folk and Bluses. He has music avaliable on cdbaby.com in genres of folk/blues & rock..listen to some "folk with fire"


Denise Bugg AKA. Lunahips is a professional Belly dancer and teacher In Nashville Tn. She's been dancing for 8 years and teaching for 7 years at Burlingame School of dance, Hickory Hallow Mall, Energy Healing center, Battered women facilities and more. She got into belly dancing 8 years ago and learned about the self-empowering effects of belly dancing and being connected with mother earth and the higher self. 

“I became a teacher of belly dancing to share my extensive knowledge and positive energy to help women bring out the beautiful goddess that is inside whether they are Maiden, Mother or Crone. I would also like to share what I've learned over the years about belly dancing and it's connection to being very spiritual as well as discovering yourself, your inner beauty. I currrently live in Nashville Tn. I also do belly dance performances at weddings, parties, birthdays, social events. I can be found on facebook and you can also see videos on my youtube, just search for the user name- Lunahips615.”

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