Nashville Pagan Pride Day


Tuatha Dea is pure primal energy with a Celtic and World twist. The bands eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and non conventional instruments such as guitar, bass, modern and Native American flutes, Didgeridoo and more as well as a myriad of vocal styles to create a truly unique sound. Born of a family drum circle, the group delivers an authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the music but into the moment and family as well. Their rhythmic groove naturally inspires audience participation which has become a staple of their performances. From the beginning the band has embraced its Celtic heritage and meshed the traditional music of Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain with the pulse-pounding heartbeat of the drums to produce unique versions of traditional favorites like Aillein Duinn, “Danny Boy”, “Whiskey In A Jar”, “Loch Lomond” , Skye Boat and others.

Louis Garou: For over forty years Louis Garou, has travelled the South, working, playing, and writing.... Always observing... And always returning to the shadows of his beloved Appalachia... With his old guitar he performs the Dark Americana his music has evolved into... Songs about love, revenge, depression.... About people haunted and alone... People best left alone.... And beings who are not quite… people.

Louis, a third generation farmer and woodsman, has lived in the mountains of East Tennessee his entire life.  He has traveled extensively in the South, performing, hiking, and writing.  Louis lives on his “Haven” farm with his wife Susan, their herd of little dogs, and some chickens… His 2018 CD “Wolf at the Door” is available on, Amazon and other on-line retailers.  

His current album, “Ashes from the Sacred Fire.” was released in Spring, 2019. Check out his recent interview on The Wild Hunt:

Crescent Moves Belly Dance presents: Leah Freeman, Jessie Force, Donna Pate, Raine Shakarri, Denise Bugg, aka. Luna hips. A bellydance teacher of 18 year. Notable  locations of our displays of beauty and talent are: the Battered Women's Facility, Hickory Hollow Mall/Global Mall, Berlin Game School of Dance. We do public entertainment for parties, weddings, and any events imaginable.

Tarth Nouveau and Yass Witches Drag Show: TarteNouveau is a Nashville-area AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth) Drag Queen as well part of the local group Coven of the Wild Roses. On stage, she tries to bring her love of theatre to her art through a touch of storytelling, a dash of bohemian witchiness, and occasionally a bit of ballet. Tarte has served as the 2017 Miss Tennessee US of A, 2019 First Alternate Miss Upper Cumberland Pride Diva, First Alternate Diamond Diva, and Ms. Chameleon's. You can catch her the first Saturday of every month at the Boro Bar and Grill for RuCo Drag, and occasionally live streaming tarot readings on her facebook page. Tarte is thrilled to join Nashville Pagan Pride Day in presenting the second annual (family-friendly of course) Drag hour at the event!