Nashville Pagan Pride Day


‍ Rowena of the Glen:    Born into the magical world of stage lights, sceneries, orchestras and Chorus lines, Rowena spent her childhood on the road with her theatrical parents.

Always looking to the stars to find her way home, she heard in them the music: and ever since then music and writing has been her life.

Besides music and poetry, the secrets of the past enthralled her and expanded her knowledge as an amateur Egyptologist and self-taught cultural anthropologist, which remains constant in her life. 

Rowena is the IPMA (International Pagan Music Association) Award Winner, Best Female Artist 2017 and 2018

For more information about Rowena, go to her website: 

Louis Garou: For over forty years Louis Garou, has travelled the South, working, playing, and writing.... Always observing... And always returning to the shadows of his beloved Appalachia... With his old guitar he performs the Dark Americana his music has evolved into... Songs about love, revenge, depression.... About people haunted and alone... People best left alone.... And beings who are not quite… people.

Louis, a third generation farmer and woodsman, has lived in the mountains of East Tennessee his entire life.  He has traveled extensively in the South, performing, hiking, and writing.  Louis lives on his “Haven” farm with his wife Susan, their herd of little dogs, and some chickens… His 2018 CD “Wolf at the Door” is available on, Amazon and other on-line retailers.  

His current album, “Ashes from the Sacred Fire.” was released in Spring, 2019. Check out his recent interview on The Wild Hunt:

Crescent Moves Belly Dance presents: Leah Freeman, Jessie Force, Donna Pate, Raine Shakarri, Denise Bugg, aka. Luna hips. A bellydance teacher of 18 year. Notable  locations of our displays of beauty and talent are: the Battered Women's Facility, Hickory Hollow Mall/Global Mall, Berlin Game School of Dance. We do public entertainment for parties, weddings, and any events imaginable.