Meet the Committee

Lucia Jameson:  Lucy has been a practicing Wiccan for over 26 years. A transplant from Dayton, Ohio, while up in Yankeeland Lucy was a co-founder of the Dayton Area Pagan Network and the Dayton Pagan Alliance. She was also co-founder, priestess and elder of Temple of the Tree of Life Coven.  A former Air Force officer specializing in Transportation and Logistics, she takes the skills she learned there to help make Nashville Pagan Pride Day a successful annual event. She is co-Local Coordinator for Nashville Pagan Pride Day.

Mary Hawk:  Rev. Mary Hawk is a First Degree Priestess of the Correllian Tradition of Wicca. She has been a practicing Wiccan for over 17 years. In addition to her Cornelian credentials, she has a First Degree from the Northwind Tradition.  She is a Numerologist and Tarot reader. Mary has taught several classes on Numerology in the Nashville area. She is an active member of the The Sanctuary of Light at First UU, and is part of SoL's prison ministry. She has been part of Nashville Pagan Pride Day since 2004. Mary is currently serving as co-Local Coordinator for Nashville Pagan Pride Day

Cat Sickels:  Cat is a nurse, wife, grandmother, and eclectic kitchen witch. She can usually be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and is always looking for new recipe testers. Other interests include healing with herbs and essential oils, balancing negative energies, creating all types of handcrafted jewelry and promoting the cause of penguins rights.  She is the Vendor Coordinator for PPD.

Kari Haggerty:  Kari has been Wiccan for nearly 10 years.  While primarily Wiccan she is Eclectic in practice, pulling from where she feels drawn to pull.  This is Kari’s sixth year on the Planning Committee. She is the Children’s Activities Coordinator.

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