Merchant Row 2017


Our Sponsors

Treasures Stones & Crystals - Journals, Wind Chimes, Jewelry, Amulets, Herb Chest, Tapestries, Altar Bells, Chalice, Dragon Gifts ware, Statuary, Altar Tiles, Wands, Besoms. Find me on Facebook or at my website.  Diamond Sponsor

Draconis Arcanum - Draconis Arcanum is Nashville's full supply metaphysical and conjure shop. We offer books, candles, herbs, oils, crystals, statues, amulets and other jewelry, specialty artwork, and more. Whether you are looking for a spiritual consultation, supplies, or for a rare grimoire, we can help you on your journey. Check out our events and rituals. We are conveniently located at 214 E. Trinity Lane.  Find me on Facebook or visit my websitePlatinum Sponsor

AromaG's Botanica - hoodoo oils, sachet powders, candles, incense, saint and angel oils, ritual soaps, books, sage, Tarot and Lenormand cards, Lucky Mojo products. Visit my websitePlatinum Sponsor

Mystics Realm - Come see what the Wytch has conjured. Our store is a metaphysical Emporium for all your wants and needs. Suddenly you feel a pull of energy and are drawn into a tent/booth, your hand reaches out and picks up that which is drawing you. You feel an instant connection. What is that unique or unusual item? You hold on to it and continue to look around, taking in all that you see, incense, sage, oils, books, tarot, pendulums, prayer beads, books, journals, crystals, cauldrons, tapestries, and so much more. In our wanderings we provide both handcrafted and manufactured ritual, altar supplies and tools. Watch as she creates one of a kind besoms, enjoy the aromatics of her crafted natural herbal incense. But the best part is the conversation and making new friends. Find me on Facebook or visit my website.  Gold Sponsor

Purple Witch Emporium - pagan goods and services, handmade and spell items. Gold Sponsor

Arc Of Peace and Catnip Dreams - Handmade jewelry, Pagan items, tapestries, dreamcatchers, dashikis, peasant skirts.  Silver Sponsor

CreatorVurei - Relarively art. Prints, jewelry And figures. All figures and jewelry are usually geared toward fantasy esque pieces. Find me on FacebookSilver Sponsor

Jae's Gem Mine -We offer Gemstone Mining, Geode cracking, Local & World Minerals and Fossils, Collector Specimens, Therapeutic Gemstone Jewelry, Gemstone Décor, Raw Stones. Available for parties and group events. Find us on FacebookSilver Sponsor

Bridges to Light - Handmade high vibration natural stone jewelry, manifestation candles and potions, herbs, magic cards, healing sessions, intuitive readings and guidance. Find us on FacebookSilver Sponsor

Music City Hoo Hoo Designs -Handcrafted Jewelry, Resin work -- jewelry and pieces, Etched glassware & ritual ware, Essential oils & products, Needlework -- hats, bags, scarves, & more, Spell kits, Handcrafted runes. Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Awareness Information & Items. Find us on Facebook.  Silver Sponsor

CNC Crafts N More - Hand made candles, jewelry, altar needs, misc things associated with Pagan Needs. Find me on Facebook or visit my website.  Bronze Sponsor

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate - Essential oils and health products Bronze Sponsor

Quantum Light Shamanic Healing - Jeff is a Shaman, Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection, Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healer, Tarot Specialist, and Life Coach. During healing sessions, Jeff synergistically employs ancient spiritual energy practices, quantum physics and sacred contentedness to effect profound psychic, physical, mental, emotional and trans-dimensional healing. Jeff has also distinguished himself by reading and teaching Tarot for clients internationally! He utilizes tarot cards to tap into the spiritual realm and to bring forth messages, predictions and guidance for his clients. Learn more about Jeff and his services at  Bronze Sponsor

Earth Circle Creations - Earth Circle Creations is your provider of herbs, herbal tinctures, natural remedies, soaps, salt lamps and more. Vegan Friendly items available.  Find me on Facebook or visit my website. Bronze Sponsor

Cybele’s - Pagan supplies, jewelry, incense, wooden altar boxes, cauldrons, mortar pestals, leather journals, sage wands, tapestries, skirts, purses, car stickers, stones tarot decks.  Bronze Sponsor

Peace Love and Barnwood - Barn and pallet wood altar tables, cabinets, wall hangings, and wood burning art. Bronze Sponsor

Twisted Spectrum - One of a kind copper and silver jewelry, Handmade books, and unique gifts. Bronze Sponsor

Ara Simons Energist - Quantum Light Healing. Healing sessions carry the intention that participants achieve optimal health through the balancing of body, mind, and spirit. The channeling of healing energy supports transformation in the most beneficial way. Visit my websiteBronze Sponsor

Pear Tree Pet Products - Natural ,organic, holistic, pagan themed pet and familiar products.Find me on Facebook.  Bronze Sponsor

Non Sponsor Merchants

Paganesque - Tshirts, twisty stick wands, window decals and other items designed with a silhouette cameo machine

Buyer’s Connection - Handmade/hand polished lapidary stones finished in Bent Wood Bezels and silver. Healing crystals and sterling silver jewelry associated with Pagan needs.

Dwarven Stonecraft and Lapidary - Crystals, amethyst clusters, amethyst eyes, amethyst cathedrals, rose quartz hearts, lapis lazuli hearts, gypsum roses, smokey quartz, rock spheres, tiger eye skull beads, carved jade beads, natural white coral beads. Find us on Facebook.

Akasha's Way - Oils, herbs, incense, jewelry, books, stones, statues and altar tools. Find me on Facebook or visit my website.

Curiouz Spirit - We sell handmade custom pagan jewelry and woodburn items. We also sell herbs,oils.books ritual supplys and more. Find me on Facebook.  

Higher Vibe Jewelry - Handmade sterling silver jewelry with hand cut stones. Find me on Facebook or visit my website.

CyberWitch Press LLC - Paranormal & Pagan fiction novels. Find me on Facebook or visit my website

Infinitea Magik - Magikal herbs, altar tools, incense, jewelry, candles and more. Also Tarot readings. Find me on Facebook or visit my website

Anne’s Gifts - Tie Dye - Fun, Functional Fashion – Anne’s Gifts has more than t-shirts! I create tie dyed tablecloths and napkins; bath towel and washcloth sets; full zip hoodies and crew neck sweat shirts... and more.  Find me on Facebook or visit my website.

Hyperboreanism - Books

Herbs Stones and Bone she - wooden boxes, and all manner of woodworking, herbs, stones and bones.

The Druid's Den - Hand built ceramic wares including wall art, functional vessels, and jewelry. Visit my website.

I Sew Mean - Embroidered items, vinyl and beads. Find me on Facebook.

Rain's Obsessive Stitchery - An eclectic store of luxurious and practical treasures, too many to list. Passionate about custom work, Rain is a Nashville artist, crafter and curator of pagan, tarot and goddess inspired goods and gifts for everyone. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Stella & Atlas - We sell herb infused tealight candles, pendants, tarot/pendulum/oracle readings, charms, and small books that were written by us! Everything ranges from $1-25! Visit our website or find us on Facebook.

ExtraOrdinary Oracle - Independently published oracle decks, magickally inspired art prints, essential oil based magicakal bath products and handcrafted spell bottles. Visit our website.

Sacred Roots Trading Company - Variety of pagan/spiritual goods to as well as some hand made items. Find us on Facebook.

The Gypsy Witch - herbs, jewelry, herbal teas, oinments,and crystals

Link Leather Scale & Feather - Handmade Artisan Leather goods hand bound journals, and jewlery. Find me on Facebook.

Sacred Treasures - Pagan artifacts, T shirts, Incense materials, carved wooden boxes, jewelry.

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