The Quest for the Perfect Cheeseburger | Nashville Pagan Pride Day

Originally Published July 11, 2014

Merry Meet Everyone! Mary Hawk here to tell you about the Quest for the Perfect Bacon Cheeseburger, Two Middle-Aged Grannies on a Mission!

Lucy Jameson and I decided to go check out the Bacon Nation Food Truck today since they will be at Pagan Pride Day 2014 from 11 to 2. Little did we dream it would be such an epic quest…..

Lucy picked me up and we headed downtown. She had just said that we needed to run some food to her son when WHAM! We were t-boned on the passenger side. We are both ok, but her truck took a bit of a beating. We calmed down the young woman who hit us (note the irony here) and waited on Metro. After the police report was done, Lucy drove a little to determine the truck was still driveable and we proceeded to McDonalds to pick up chicken nuggets for her son who is at driving school today (more irony).

When he came out to get his food, he yelled, “My truck, what happened to my truck?” He was also concerned about the red on the door, but we assured him it was red paint from the other car and not blood. Lucy told him it was a prime example of distracted driving.

So we went on to the food trucks that were on Deaderick St today. We parked at the Music City Center garage on the 4th floor and took the elevator to the third floor to pay. When we got to the pay kiosk, we could not remember what our space number was, so we went back up to 4 to get the space number. Just a little post trauma amnesia.

We paid for parking and decided we needed a restroom. We took the elevator to 1 for the waiting area, but the door only opened on the entrance to the street, not in the waiting area. So we went around to the door. After we looked all over the first floor, someone kindly told us that us that restrooms are on the second floor. So we went back up to 2 to use the restroom. Finally we were on our way to eat!

We lined up at Bacon Nation. Lucy and I decided to split the 1/3 lb 50/50 burger and an order of bacon cheese fries. It was awesome! I usually don’t care for bacon cheeseburgers because they tend to be greasy, but they mix ground bacon with ground beef and it absolutely rocks! The bacon cheese fries were excellent! The fries were perfectly cooked without being greasy and covered in creamy cheese and bacon. Yum!

As the Quest for the Perfect Bacon Cheeseburger came to an end, we decided the food was worth the quest to get there. After all, how often do two middle-aged grannies have such adventures just heading out to lunch?

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