The Saga of the Stage

Today I have a story, The Saga of the Stage.

Once upon a time there were 2 Granny Witches who organized Nashville Pagan Pride Day every year. There was food, there was shopping, and there was wonderful, awesome music. One thing that wasn't there was a stage for the wonderful, awesome musicians to perform.

The 2 Granny Witches said "No problem, we have picnic shelters. We can move the tables and benches out and the musicians can perform there."

So the Granny Witches persuaded some strong and hearty menfolk (they were family members who couldn't say no to Mama) to move the tables and benches every year. This was no easy feat since the benches were attached to the tables and the tables were bolted together. Nevertheless, the strong and hearty menfolk moved the tables and benches out of the picnic shelter at the beginning of the event and back into the picnic shelter at the end of the event. And they did that every year.

Finally, the strong and hearty menfolk went to the Granny Witches and said "This is getting ridiculous! The tables and benches are really heavy and hard to move. We get sore muscles and back strain every year, and none of us want to risk getting a hernia."

So the Granny Witches checked with the Metro Parks and discovered that they had a magical mobile stage called the Showmobile that they could bring to the park for the wonderful, awesome musicians (and belly dancers! They will be here this year!) to perform on. Oh happy day! Callooh! Callay! The Granny Witches were ecstatic! But then the Metro Parks reminded the Granny Witches that there was a rental fee for the Showmobile.

The Granny Witches crossed their fingers and reserved the Showmobile for Nashville Pagan Pride Day.

So now we need a little help to put a "and they lived happily ever after" to our story. We have a GoFundMe running to pay for the Showmobile. If ya'll could throw in a buck or two you will help us get the magical mobile stage, help the strong and hearty menfolk avoid back strain and hernias, and give the wonderful, awesome musicians (and the belly dancers!) a place to perform.

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