What a Long Journey it's Been

I can’t believe it’s 2018.  Mary Hawk and I became Co-Local Coordinators for Nashville Pagan Pride Day in June, 2012.  Mary called on the good will of several friends and we got to work raising funds are creating an event. I am still a little agog that we managed to pull it off in just 4 months!  We arranged with First UU of Nashville for the use of the Morgan House, the main building and the parking lots.

We had 311 people attending, with 22 vendors, 10 workshops, 7 groups on Community Row and several entertainers.

In 2014 we realized that we were getting too big for First UU so we moved out to Two Rivers Park next to Wave Country.  This was the first (and only) time we had rain at Pagan Pride Day, and while attendance was down we still had nearly 300 people come out.

In 2016 we were visited by some rather loud and rowdy street preachers.  They were incredibly rude and annoying, but our community took them in stride and did not let them ruin our day. I guess they decided that we were a lost cause because we didn’t see them in 2017.

Speaking of 2017, we had an awesome crowd!  The day was beautiful, and 900 people joined us in the park. The music was great, the food trucks kept us well fed, the community groups and the workshops were interesting and informative and the vendors (40 this year) made us wish we had more money to spend.

I think that 2018 will be our best year yet!  We hope to see you all out on September 29th!


Lucy Jameson and Mary Hawk

© Nashville Pagan Pride Day 2018