Schedule of Events

Ritual Schedule

10:30 am Invocation of the Ancestors at the Ancestor Shrine 

3:00 pm  Main Ritual at the Ritual Tree

4:30 pm  Closing Ritual at the Ritual Tree

Workshop Schedule

Earth Shelter (Shelter #1)

11:00 am Introduction to Meditation

12:30 pm Combating Racism Within Paganism

2:00 pm Learn to Quickly and Easily Create Effective Sigils for Every Use 

Air Shelter (Shelter #2)

11:00 am Hands-On Divination

12:30 pm Magick Hacks: Everyday Spells to Empower your Craft

2:00 pm Raising Your Vibration

Fire Shelter (Shelter #3)

11:00 am Hyperboreanism 

12:30 pm Spells and How to Create Them

2:00 pm Goal Manifestation with Dream Pillows

Water Shelter (Shelter #4)

11:00 am Astrology Basics

12:30 pm Loud and Proud Inside: Pagan Prison Ministry 

2:00 pm Essynian Mysteries: The Everyday Magic of Our Lives

Entertainment on The Showmobile Stage

11:00 am Window to My Soul

12:00 pm Crescent Moves Belly Dance

1:00 pm Rowena of the Glen

2:00 pm B Willie Dryden

Children’s Activities

11:00 am Thor’s Hammer Toss

2:00 pm   Spell Battle

3:00 pm   Coloring Pages at the Fire Shelter (Shelter #3)

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