Workshops are a big part of Pagan Pride Day.  This year we have great presenters with fascinating topics


Hyperboreanism - The initiations of Hyperboreanism are designed to help the initiate completely extricate him/her self from the bonds of monotheistic beliefs and fears so that polytheism can be embraced with a glad heart and without fear of being sent to some hell. It is further designed to allow the initiate to more fully understand the ancient Sacred Mysteries, albeit by way of more modern and even biblical (at times) themes. Hyperboreanism is not a recreation of, nor is it a replacement for, any ancient Sacred Mystery. It is a new Sacred Mystery designed to teach the same fundamental lessons that the ancient Sacred Mysteries taught. Presenter: Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos

Goal Manifestation with Dream Pillows - Bring your goals to fruition by using dream pillows. We will draw, paint or write our dreams on pillow cases to be slept on. All materials furnished. There will be a $5 charge for materials. Class limited to 15 participants but others may observe and attend the discussion. Presenter:  Rev Cheryl Cotton

Raising Your Vibration - We will learn about frequency and how vibration impacts our lives in every way, from the people we surround ourselves with, to the space around us, to how we feel about ourselves. We will begin with a guided meditation, followed by a discussion about frequency, low vibration, high vibration, and how to raise our vibration and maintain high resonance in our lives. We will learn the many tools available to help us raise vibration, from sound frequencies, to clearing energy and setting intentions, to crystal selections and working personally with light-beings. We will come away from Raising Your Vibration with the tools to help us be the best versions of ourselves we can be. Presenter:  Kelly Colwell


Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos - Hierophant of the modern Sacred Mystery initiations of Hyperboreanism. Demarkhos of the Middle-Tennessee area Proto-Demos "Dodona Mouseion Hyperboreoi" of Hellenion. Author of three books, "Apocalypse and Armageddon", "Killing Roma" and "Pagan Trek". The presenter was brought up in rural West Tennessee and was once an ardent, fanatical, Christian. He acquired several degrees in religious, historical and philosophical studies, which changed his understanding, so that many years ago he began to study ancient Western polytheism and found that it had to be seen as just as legitimate as, or frankly even more legitimate than, modern Abrahamic faiths. He now seeks to help others to understand the truths that our ancient ancestors understood.

Rev Cheryl Cotton - Rev. Cheryl Cotten has been a practicing Pagan since her initiation at Beltane 1974 into a Gardnerian coven. She has been a Reiki Master Teacher for more than 25 years, and continues a Reiki practice and teaches others. Rev. Cheryl currently follows an eclectic Pagan path with emphasis on Native American and Wiccan. She has taught many workshops over the years on manifestation techniques among other topics. Please feel free to contact her with any needs or questions.

Kelly Colwell - Kelly is an intuitive, vibrational jewelry artist, Life Coach, aura reader, ordained non-denominational minister, reiki practitioner, Integrated Awareness graduate, light-worker, and teacher. She has spend 30 years exploring a variety of spiritual modalities, and uses her vast resources and experience to teach and coach others along the path of spiritual enlightenment. she is currently focused on vibration and frequency as it impacts our lives and teaches self-help classes in Chakra healing and balancing, raising vibrations, aura cleansing and clearing, clearing negative and dark energies, releasing negative emotions, and frequency healing. She believes that love is the answer to every question, and when it isn't, you aren't asking the right question.

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