Workshops 2019

Workshops are a big part of Pagan Pride Day.  This year we have great presenters with fascinating topics


Introduction to Hoodoo In this workshop, Papa Gee will cover all the basics and beyond of the inner workings of a Hoodoo practitioner from its history, to the unique herbs and ingredients used in Hoodoo, to how to perform magical workings in the tradition. Topics covered includes: History of Hoodoo in America, Common herbs, roots, and minerals used in Hoodoo, Making a mojo bag, Honey jars and Souring jars, How to use Hoodoo in your own practice respectfully, Protection work, Enemy and Baneful work, Love Spells. Money Attracting work, Cleaning up after your workings.  Presenter:  Papa Gee


Papa Gee - Papa Gee is a tarot reader, perfumer, and rootworker and is a member of AIRR (Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.) After practicing Appalachian folk magic for many years, he took up the study of African American conjure, and has brought them together as a teacher and practitioner of Southern Folk Magic. He is the author of five books, including "The Use of Magical Oils in Hoodoo, Prayer, and Spellwork." He and his husband are the owners of aromaG's Botanica in Nashville, TN where they annually host the Tennessee Folk Magic Festival.

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