Workshops are a big part of Pagan Pride Day.  This year we have great presenters with fascinating topics


Hyperboreanism - The initiations of Hyperboreanism are designed to help the initiate completely extricate him/her self from the bonds of monotheistic beliefs and fears so that polytheism can be embraced with a glad heart and without fear of being sent to some hell. It is further designed to allow the initiate to more fully understand the ancient Sacred Mysteries, albeit by way of more modern and even biblical (at times) themes. Hyperboreanism is not a recreation of, nor is it a replacement for, any ancient Sacred Mystery. It is a new Sacred Mystery designed to teach the same fundamental lessons that the ancient Sacred Mysteries taught. Presenter: Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos   11 am, Fire Shelter

Goal Manifestation with Dream Pillows - Bring your goals to fruition by using dream pillows. We will draw, paint or write our dreams on pillow cases to be slept on. All materials furnished. There will be a $5 charge for materials. Class limited to 15 participants but others may observe and attend the discussion. Presenter:  Rev Cheryl Cotton   2 pm, Fire Shelter

Raising Your Vibration - We will learn about frequency and how vibration impacts our lives in every way, from the people we surround ourselves with, to the space around us, to how we feel about ourselves. We will begin with a guided meditation, followed by a discussion about frequency, low vibration, high vibration, and how to raise our vibration and maintain high resonance in our lives. We will learn the many tools available to help us raise vibration, from sound frequencies, to clearing energy and setting intentions, to crystal selections and working personally with light-beings. We will come away from Raising Your Vibration with the tools to help us be the best versions of ourselves we can be. Presenter:  Kelly Colwell   2 pm, Air Shelter

Introduction to Meditation - This workshop will begin with a recitation of Mantra in the ancient language of Gumurkhi for energy clearing. We will do a brief practice of pranayama, or healing breath. This will be followed with two asanas or postures to warm up and prepare for meditation. We will end the workshop with an introductory meditation practice and information on how to continue the practice. We will discuss some of the positive impacts of meditation. Presenter:  Chelsi Williamson   11 am, Earth Shelter

Spells and How to Create Them - Tish Owen, celebrated author of Spell it Correctly shares her insights on spells and spell working. Presenter: Tish Owen   12:30 pm Fire Shelter

Magick Hacks: Everyday Spells to Empower your Craft - Magickal practice and witchcraft aren’t just for Sabbats, esbats, and special occasions. When we practice our craft every day we flex a muscle so that when we need it for something big, we have well honed power. 

Magick Hacks are ways to make our witchery accessible. They are ways to cast spells that circumvent issues of price, time, energy, and other difficulties.

I have tapped into these hacks over the years of practicing. I use them even more now that I am a mom of a toddler and running my own business. While there’s something to be said of elaborate rituals and specialty tools, some days it’s a choice between Finding an easier more accessible way to do things (a hack) or no Magick at all - this is a situation I’ve found many witches are in and so I want to make sure they know there are Hacks out there to help! 

My workshop will include how I make a battery to pull energy from for spells that would otherwise exhaust me, how to create astrology talismans to use when you can’t work your schedule to coincide with the planets for ritual, and cheap or free DIY tools and ingredients for spell work so lack of funds doesn’t hold you back from being the witch you want to be. Presenter: December Fields-Bryant  12:30 pm, Air Shelter

Essynian Mysteries: The Everyday Magic of Our Lives -Everything we know about ourselves and our world comes from our experiences.  Knowledge IS the memories of our experiences.  So experience is important, central to our being.  We will discuss the many kinds of experiences that we have, consider their differences and similarities, show that our five senses are far from all of our experience. Presenter:  Bran th Blessed   2 pm, Water Shelter

Learn to Quickly and Easily Create Effective Sigils for Every Use - Sigils – Sigils are symbols that can represent a desired outcome and spirits a practitioner petitions for a specific purpose. We will start with a history of sigils and their many uses in spellwork and rituals. Then, we will cover examples of sigils from the Keys of Solomon, The Black Pullet, and African Diaspora Religions. Participants will learn which existing sigils they can charge and use for different purposes such as love, money, or health and how they can create their own. We will also look at advanced sigil techniques from Chaos Magic and Pauline Art. The class will culminate with students drawing their own created sigils on candles that I provide. Presenter:  J Durenda Medway   2 pm, Earth Shelter

Combating Racism Within Paganism - With the ever growing threat of racists co-opting Pagan/Heathen beliefs and symbology, we need to provide a united front. The Pagan community needs to be able to identify these threats, and speak out against those who wish to use our beliefs for racialist political agendas. I will be presenting some info on what and who to look out for, as well as info on resources and organizations that can help combat these types of people. This will be followed by discussion. Presenter: Michael Wilson   12:30 pm, Earth Shelter

Astrology Basics - We will be learning a brief history of where and when astrology derived. We will learn a little about the houses of the zodiac and planet energies. Everyone will create their own natal chart and place their planets. Knowing the actual time of your birth will make your natal chart much more accurate.  Presenter: Melody 11 am, Water Shelter

Hands-On Divination - Join Kiki Dombrowski for a hands-on divination workshop! In this workshop we will discuss various forms of divination included in her new book “A Curious Future.” This includes runes, dice, shells, scrying, dowsing, and more! Use this as a time to practice new divination techniques with others: feel free to bring your own divination tools that you are willing to share. Presenter: Kiki Dombrowski   11 am, Air Shelter

Loud and Proud Inside: Pagan Prison Ministry - Paganism in TN prisons grows daily. Edie White, Pr., Rev. of Sanctuary of Light, shares perspectives on meeting & sustaining the growth a doubly forgotten community. Presenter: Edie White, Pr., Rev  12:30 pm, Water Shelter


Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos - Hierophant of the modern Sacred Mystery initiations of Hyperboreanism. Demarkhos of the Middle-Tennessee area Proto-Demos "Dodona Mouseion Hyperboreoi" of Hellenion. Author of three books, "Apocalypse and Armageddon", "Killing Roma" and "Pagan Trek". The presenter was brought up in rural West Tennessee and was once an ardent, fanatical, Christian. He acquired several degrees in religious, historical and philosophical studies, which changed his understanding, so that many years ago he began to study ancient Western polytheism and found that it had to be seen as just as legitimate as, or frankly even more legitimate than, modern Abrahamic faiths. He now seeks to help others to understand the truths that our ancient ancestors understood.

Rev Cheryl Cotton - Rev. Cheryl Cotten has been a practicing Pagan since her initiation at Beltane 1974 into a Gardnerian coven. She has been a Reiki Master Teacher for more than 25 years, and continues a Reiki practice and teaches others. Rev. Cheryl currently follows an eclectic Pagan path with emphasis on Native American and Wiccan. She has taught many workshops over the years on manifestation techniques among other topics. Please feel free to contact her with any needs or questions.

Kelly Colwell - Kelly is an intuitive, vibrational jewelry artist, Life Coach, aura reader, ordained non-denominational minister, reiki practitioner, Integrated Awareness graduate, light-worker, and teacher. She has spend 30 years exploring a variety of spiritual modalities, and uses her vast resources and experience to teach and coach others along the path of spiritual enlightenment. she is currently focused on vibration and frequency as it impacts our lives and teaches self-help classes in Chakra healing and balancing, raising vibrations, aura cleansing and clearing, clearing negative and dark energies, releasing negative emotions, and frequency healing. She believes that love is the answer to every question, and when it isn't, you aren't asking the right question.

Chelsi Williamson - I am an emotional energy healer, kundalini yoga teacher, and DoTerra Wellness Advocate. I work as a life coach with a specialization in emotional healing.

Tish Owen - Tish Owen is an occult shop owner, wife, mother, daughter, sailor, brew master, pet owner, festival giver and at some point someone took away her typewriter and gave her a computer. The rest is history. Her first book "Chasing the Rainbow" is a guide to hosting your own Pagan Festival, her second book "Spell it Correctly" is an handbook for spellwork. Her most recent book is a mystery, “A Death in the Family." Check out her website or find her on Facebook.

December Fields-Bryant - December is the witch and writer behind After nearly two decades practicing her craft, she now focuses helping other witches incorporate their magickal practice into their everyday lives. When she isn’t casting spells or writing, she loves and lives near Music City Tennessee with her husband and mischief-maker son. You can follow her magickal journey on her website as well as Instagram and Twitter under handle @StartWitchin. Check out her website to learn more.

Bran th’ Blessed - Samm Dickens (Bran th' Blessed) is a pantheist pagan mystic and witch who has delighted in greeting the attendees to our annual Pagan Pride event for several years.  This year, he is teaching a workshop briefly introducing the Essynian Mysteries, an alternative vision of reality with a basis in both physics and metaphysics.  But Bran cannot teach you a thing you do not already know; he can only help you realize that you know it.

J Durenda Medway - J Durenda Medway started as a student of witchcraft at age fifteen and has been practicing witchcraft and rootwork since age nineteen. She graduated from the Lucky Mojo Correspondence Course and works as a Sancista, Reiki Master, witch, and rootworker for Life Spirits Society of Magic, a professional spell-casting coven with thousands of clients from all over the world. She presented working with Santa Muerte during the Daisy L. Machado lecture at Vanderbilt University and is researching witchcraft and rootwork while a master’s candidate. She earned her BA from UC Berkeley in English and has published poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction in several journals, including Cornell’s Rainy Day and Goddess and the Moon Metaphysical Journal. She is also a successful equestrian, and her students won five state championships.

Michael Wilson - Michael Wilson is a Germanic Polytheist who currently lives in the Greater Nashville Area. Since moving to the area in 2010, he has helped build the local Heathen Community. He is one of the founding members of Raven Moon Hearth, a Heathen group that promotes Germanic Heathenism in Nashville and Middle TN, and serves as it's gothi. Michael has presented workshops about Heathenry at Nashville Pagan Pride Day, East TN PPD, Pagan Unity Festival, ShadowMoot, and various other public Pagan events.

Melody - I’m a lover of the stars. I have been teaching myself astrology for 5+ years and would like to share what knowledge I have learned thus far.

Kiki Dombrowski - Kiki Dombrowski has lived in Nashville for eight years, where she has been a successful tarot card reader, life coach, and workshop facilitator. Prior to her time in Tennessee, Kiki lived in Connecticut, Paris, and Nottingham, where she was an English and creative writing student. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Southern Connecticut State University and her Master's Degree from Nottingham University. Kiki's written work has been featured in Witch Way Magazine, Green Egg Magazine, Witch Vox, and elephant journal. Her first two books, Eight Extraordinary Days was published in Spring 2017.

Kiki is active in the metaphysical community of Nashville where she is a well established tarot reader, life coach and workshop teacher. She has been reading tarot for over twenty years, reading tarot for both private clients as well as parties and conventions. She is a certified life coach with Radiant Health Institute, where she has trained as an Intuitive Life Coach, helping clients to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves. Having extensively studied mythology, divination, and Paganism, Kiki has been a teacher at Pagan Unity Festival, Pagan Pride Day Nashville, Goddess and the Moon, Mystical Heart Spiritual Center, and AromaGregory. Check out her website.  

Edie White, Pr., Rev - In her 22 years of activity in pagan communities of the Southeastern United States, Rev White worked to establish and lead a CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) Chapter at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (FUUN), expanding the work of the Goddess Women's Group. As a staunch advocate of the freedom religion and social justice, Rev. White leads rituals & teaches in several of Tennessee prisons.

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