Workshops 2020

Workshops are a big part of Pagan Pride Day.  This year we have great presenters with fascinating topics


Spells and How to Create Them - Insights on spells and spell working by our Guest Witch of Honor. Presenter: Tish Owen

Introduction to Hoodoo In this workshop, Papa Gee will cover all the basics and beyond of the inner workings of a Hoodoo practitioner from its history, to the unique herbs and ingredients used in Hoodoo, to how to perform magical workings in the tradition. Topics covered includes: History of Hoodoo in America, Common herbs, roots, and minerals used in Hoodoo, Making a mojo bag, Honey jars and Souring jars, How to use Hoodoo in your own practice respectfully, Protection work, Enemy and Baneful work, Love Spells. Money Attracting work, Cleaning up after your workings.  Presenter:  Papa Gee

Abre Camino: Know When Your Roads Are Closed and How to Remove the Obstacles to Open Your Roads -Participants learn when obstacles are in the way, what types of obstacles can be cleared, and how to remove them to make way for more luck, love, money, and anything one can dream of. We will discuss the various herbs, oils, curios, prayers, and scriptural verses that are useful in road opener work as well and what spirits aid in opening roads. Participants will have access to supplies to make a road opener herb bath and will learn how to prepare and take the bath according to traditional conjure and different African Diaspora Religion methods. We will also explore the hours and days of the week to do various road opener candle workings while dressing candles and creating conjure jars that participants can take home with them. Presenter: Sancista Bruja Jennifer Medway 

Hyperboreanism  The initiations of Hyperboreanism are designed to help the initiate completely extricate him/her self from the bonds of monotheistic beliefs and fears so that polytheism can be embraced with a glad heart and without fear of being sent to some hell. It is further designed to allow the initiate to more fully understand the ancient Sacred Mysteries, albeit by way of more modern and even biblical (at times) themes. Hyperboreanism is not a recreation of, nor is it a replacement for, any ancient Sacred Mystery. It is a new Sacred Mystery designed to teach the same fundamental lessons that the ancient Sacred Mysteries taught. It is not meant for those who wish to trifle. Only the serious should embark to complete these initiations. Presenter: Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos

Drumming Fundamentals for Beginners All ages welcome. We will teach you how to find the pulse of a beat, jump into drum circles and confidently find beat ONE (the most important beat to know). Bucket drums and bamboo sticks provided. If you have a drum or extras to share, please bring them. :) Presenters: Rhythm Bird Drums

Goddess Drumming Workshop : Empowering your Inner Goddess combining meditation, movement, rhythm and voice. Empowering your inner Goddess. Bring your own drum and a way to wear it (strap). We will have bucket drums and bamboo sticks for anyone who doesn't have a drum. Presenters: Rhythm Bird Drums

An Agnostics guide to Working with Spirits Learn how to work with Spirits and Spirit Guides without using any Religious Dogma. Invite them into your Home and Heart and allow yourself to be guided by them in your everyday life. Learn how to FEED your Spirits to thank them for their work for you. ON the flip side if you are plagued by Spirits you wish to discourage or just do not want to work with them period I will offer you advice on how to be rid of them politely. Learn to use your Intuition in working with your Spirits. Presenter: Kym Walker/ SpiritsSpeak

Power Animal Meditation Rev. Cheryl will guide us on a meditation to find and honor our power animals. We have much to honor and celebrate with these relatives regarding the richness, beauty, and pure joy of living. Presenter: Rev Cheryl Cotton


Tish Owen - Tish Owen is an occult shop owner, wife, mother, daughter, sailor, brew master, pet owner, festival giver and at some point someone took away her typewriter and gave her a computer. The rest is history. Her first book "Chasing the Rainbow" is a guide to hosting your own Pagan Festival, her second book "Spell it Correctly" is an handbook for spellwork. Her most recent book is a mystery, “A Death in the Family." Check out her website or find her on Facebook. Workshop: Spells and How to Create Them

Papa Gee - Papa Gee is a tarot reader, perfumer, and rootworker and is a member of AIRR (Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.) After practicing Appalachian folk magic for many years, he took up the study of African American conjure, and has brought them together as a teacher and practitioner of Southern Folk Magic. He is the author of five books, including "The Use of Magical Oils in Hoodoo, Prayer, and Spellwork." He and his husband are the owners of aromaG's Botanica in Nashville, TN where they annually host the Tennessee Folk Magic Festival. Workshop:  Introduction to Hoodoo

Sancista Bruja Jennifer Medway started as a student of witchcraft at age fifteen and has been practicing witchcraft and rootwork since age nineteen. She graduated from the Lucky Mojo Correspondence Course, is an initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis, and works as a Sancista, Reiki Master, witch, and rootworker privately at Serpentine Spiritual Arts.  She is also a Reiki Master and spellcaster for Life Spirits Society of Magic, a professional spellcasting coven with thousands of clients from all over the world. Sancista Jennifer trained under world-renowned professional spellcasters and readers Houngan Hector, Yaya Maria, and High Priestess Tish Owen (Author of Spell it Correctly). She presented working with Santa Muerte during the Daisy L. Machado lecture at Vanderbilt University. She also presented classes on Santa Muerte, Creating Sigils, Road Opening, and Psychic Attacks at Pagan Unity Festival and Pagan Pride Day. Sancista Jennifer is researching witchcraft and rootwork while a master’s candidate. She attended Stanford and UCLA and earned her BA from UC Berkeley in English. She has published poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction in several journals, including Cornell’s Rainy Day and Goddess and the Moon Metaphysical Journal. She is also a successful equestrian with many championships, and her students have won five state championships.Workshop: Abre Camino: Know When Your Roads Are Closed and How to Remove the Obstacles to Open Your Roads

Hekataios Pindaros Amerikos Hierophant of the modern Sacred Mystery initiations of Hyperboreanism. Demarkhos of the Middle-Tennessee area Proto-Demos "Dodona Mouseion Hyperboreoi" of Hellenion. Author of three books, "Apocalypse and Armageddon", "Killing Roma" and "Pagan Trek". The presenter was brought up in rural West Tennessee and was once an ardent, fanatical, Christian. He acquired several degrees in religious, historical and philosophical studies, which changed his understanding, so that many years ago he began to study ancient Western polytheism and found that it had to be seen as just as legitimate as, or frankly even more legitimate than, modern Abrahamic faiths. He now seeks to help others to understand the truths that our ancient ancestors understood. Workshop:  Hyperboreanism 

Rhythm Bird Drums We are two female drummers that want to share the magic of rhythm and community. We've recently decided we want to start teaching workshops and facilitating drum circles to help empower and unite the community. Rhythm Bird is a 501(c)3. Our Mission is to inspire others to play with rhythm, song and dance for inner connection to self and interconnection to community. All donations are tax deductible. EIN: 84-1821813 Workshops:  Drumming Fundamentals for Beginners and Drumming for Women : Empowering your Inner Goddess

Kym Walker/ SpiritsSpeak Kym has worked with Spirits from a young age. She is a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother from NC who learned Conjure and Rootwork at both her Maternal and Paternal Grannys knee. Kym is also an Initiate of the African Traditions of Santeria and Palo Mayombe. Her Padrino in the Traditions is Irete Melli. Though she respects and is open to all religious ideals she chooses to work with the Spirits without using the tools of any one Religion. "I open my mind, heart, and Soul and allow the Spirits to lead me where they may" Kym as does Empathetic, Intuitive and Spirit lead readings and workings. Workshop: An Agnostics guide to Working with Spirits

Rev Cheryl Cotton Rev. Cheryl Cotten has been a practicing Pagan since her initiation at Beltane 1974 into a Gardnerian coven. She has been a Reiki Master Teacher for more than 25 years, continues a Reiki practice, and teaches others. Rev. Cheryl currently follows an eclectic Pagan path with emphasis on Native American and Wiccan elements. She has taught many workshops over the years on manifestation techniques among other topics, such as reading playing cards, colour magik, and Native American pipe ceremony. Workshop: Power Animal Meditation

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