Workshops are a big part of Pagan Pride Day.  This year we have great presenters with fascinating topics


Cartomancy -- Reading regular playing cards - Learn the history of regular playing cards, the various meanings of the cards and simple spreads. Bring your own deck to write the meanings on them or purchase a deck from Cheryl. There will be a few decks with the meanings already written on them for purchase. Bring a notebook to take notes. Some handouts will be available. Presenter: Rev Cheryl Cotton

Eight Extraordinary Days: Q&A, Samhain Reflections, and Book Signing - Join Kiki for a relaxed yet informative gathering where she covers the basics of her book Eight Extraordinary Days and takes you on a journey through the sabbats. Since we will be nearing Samhain, we will be paying special attention to ways to celebrate Samhain. Come with questions about her book: she will also have copies on hand for purchase and signing! Presenter: Kiki Dombrowski

Spells and How to Create Them - Tish Owen, celebrated author of Spell it Correctly shares her insights on spells and spell working. Presenter: Tish Owen

Loud & Proud Inside: A Perspective on the Establishment, Survival & Growth of Pagan Worship & Study in Incarcerated Settings Learn what Pagan Ministry& Unitarian Universalist Pagan Ministry looks inside and outside local and regional Tennessee prisons served by Sanctuary of Light, as well as regional, state and national resources available for incarcerated Pagans through the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) and it’s Worthy Now network.

Hear about the growth and sustainability of one CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter, Chalice Fire and it’s Social Justice Wheel of the Year along with it’s Pagan Prison Ministry arm: (Sanctuary of Light)are affecting the pagans inside and outside the walls. Presenter:  Edie White, Pr., Rev

Modern Forms of Kitchen Witchery - This will be all about modern charms, spices, symbols and practices that help in our daily lives. This will include talking about how to incorporate magick and spirituality in every day life. This will be very useful to those who wonder how to make their craft part of their lives. Presenter:  Amy Hunter

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Spirit Boards - A spirit board, Ouija board, the talking board, the flat board.... we know the icon on site, but how much do you actually know about this classic fortune telling item?

In this workshop we will explore the story of the spirit board; from Norman Rockwell to it's mass release by Hasbro. 

In addition to history there will be a how to make one demonstration with instructions. Presenter:  Genevieve Joyner


Rev Cheryl Cotten has been reading cards since her grandmother started teaching her at the age of 5. She started with regular playing cards and by 14 had transitioned to the tarot. She continues to read for people whenever asked and enjoys helping others. Cheryl became a prayer minister at the Unity School of Christianity and a minister at The Church of Healers approximately 20 years ago and became a minister with The Native American Church in 2012.  Cheryl embraces all forms of Paganism and studies all paths. Cheryl is a mother of 4 grown children and has 6 grandchildren that occupy her days.

Kiki Dombrowski has lived in Nashville for eight years, where she has been a successful tarot card reader, life coach, and workshop facilitator. Prior to her time in Tennessee, Kiki lived in Connecticut, Paris, and Nottingham, where she was an English and creative writing student. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Southern Connecticut State University and her Master's Degree from Nottingham University. Kiki's written work has been featured in Witch Way Magazine, Green Egg Magazine, Witch Vox, and elephant journal. Her first two books, Eight Extraordinary Days was published in Spring 2017.

Kiki is active in the metaphysical community of Nashville where she is a well established tarot reader, life coach and workshop teacher. She has been reading tarot for over twenty years, reading tarot for both private clients as well as parties and conventions. She is a certified life coach with Radiant Health Institute, where she has trained as an Intuitive Life Coach, helping clients to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves. Having extensively studied mythology, divination, and Paganism, Kiki has been a teacher at Pagan Unity Festival, Pagan Pride Day Nashville, Goddess and the Moon, Mystical Heart Spiritual Center, and AromaGregory. Check out her website.  

Tish Owen - Tish Owen is an occult shop owner, wife, mother, daughter, sailor, brew master, pet owner, festival giver and at some point someone took away her typewriter and gave her a computer. The rest is history. Her first book Chasing the Rainbow is a guide to hosting your own Pagan Festival, her second book Spell it Correctly is an handbook for spellwork. Check out her website or find her on Facebook.

Edie White, Pr., Rev - In her 22 years of activity in pagan communities of the Southeastern United States, Rev White worked to establish and lead a CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) Chapter at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (FUUN), expanding the work of the Goddess Women's Group. As a staunch advocate of the freedom religion and social justice, Rev. White leads rituals & teaches in several of Tennessee prisons along with colleagues the Rev. Mary Hawk & Rev. Penny Lokey -- the core team of Sanctuary of Light's Prison Ministry inside the walls. As a member of UUWomenspirit, she has been a workshop leader, worship leader, event planner and has served on the Coordinating Council.

22 years priestess of Goodess Women Group & CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter of FUUN(First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville) Ten years prison ministry of FUUN; 3 years Education for Ministry, St. Luke's School of Theology, University of the South; Degrees in Languages, Literature & Philosophy, TSU; Master's Plus 60 in Curriculum & Instruction, TSU

Amy Hunter - A practicing heathen witch with a very eclectic palette of interests. Having been a member of the Pagan community for over 25 years and now a member of the core group within the Order of the Sages. A believer in the powers of spirituality, natural healing and energy blending.

Genevieve Joyner - Genevieve Joyner is a teacher and life coach. She has both formal education and real world experience. Teaching for in various capacities for over 12 years her most recent classes include a Manifestation "how to" at WicFest 2017 and Rune Making at PUF 2015.

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